June 30th, 2005


Long-ekspekted Progris Riport / Далгажданный Атчёт о праисхадящем

  This month almost have done me. And my LJ is a witness to it - abandoned and forgotten, *sigh*.
  What happened with me during these days? I settled all things concerned with my work... well, almost settled, to be honest, but I think everything will be OK.
  Then, I saw a couple of films and heard a couple tens of songs... I'll talk about them later, if there will be a spare moment... And a Sin City review is waiting in the back room of my head ````
  One of the most wwwwonderful things - I met two girls and now is otaking them!!! Nyyyaaa *__* Especially miraculous was my meeting with one of them. I came to her  because of my assignment, and while talking noticed on her walls posters of Metallica, Gunz'n'Roses, Aria, Bi-2 and such. So, when official part was finished, I asked something about music... ..... ...After an hour I found myself sitting side by side with mistress of the house and watching Vampire hunter D: Bloodlust (that occasionally was in my bag that day) %_%
  And the worst. I missed bloody heaps of LJ posts and missed all the atmosphere of this little world. Poor novices... their Grandmaster  left to some astral plane and left them  to the mercy of fate... (Two lame puns  in a row? hmmm... what's up with me? %) Well, now I'm going to be here more often. And - comment more often. You're alerted! ^__~