May 30th, 2005


CD-R troubles

  O, shimatta!! I awaited delivery of CD-Rs like a lover waits a rendezvous (c) but when new stuff appeared - there were no Dysan disks, and I need them very much __-__ Well, I bought a bunch of Esperanzas instead. And now a friend of mine tolds me that these thingies are nearly the worst imaginable stuff among all the CD-Rs!!! X_X And what shall I do now, I wonder?.. To write some unimportant data (read - not anime) on it, it stands to reason. But shall I open hunting season for Dysan now or choose some other target? And little amount of money... grrrr...

  Well, to end on an optimistic note. A conversation in a computer store (no fiction!!):
- Hello! Do you have CD-Rs here?
- Sorry, we don't have such things. But you can easily buy them round the corner, in a grocery store, where make-up is sold!

  I wonder, are CDs some kind of food or a cosmetics?! %_______^

Best Noir AMVs!!!

1) One of the best action AMVs I've seen - "Die Another Day". Yes, you can easily download from (namely, from here), but it can be difficult for new users and such. So - RapidShare links:
volume 1 (25 Mb) - volume 2 (22,6 Mb)
Both are rar-archives, you must combine them into one before use.
Warning! I never tried to download a file from this hosting so please please tell me how well it works!

2) One of the best drama AMVs I've seen - "Little girl with a she-wolf's gaze". Ohhh... You just must see it! Just 11 Mb lies here. Warning! it's not direct link.