April 12th, 2005


Атчёт о праисхадящем / Progris Riport

Today is April 12th - Cosmonautics Day. A great holiday, at least for me - I was named after the first spaceman, after all, so all connected with space exploring is important for me ^_^ I wonder, are there some space-related people among my LJ-friends or maybe my friends' friends??
And the real spring is around. +25C - no kidding! Sakura is blooming... well, not real sakura, just cherry-trees, but nevertheless, can arrange some hanami :)
Now listening to Aria band. I used to listen it aplenty, but only a collection of best songs (best on my opinion) that I had in a special folder. And now I decided to listen it directly through all albums... and discovered plenty of seemingly new songs! Furthermore, now I'm in some doubt - are the later Aria's songs really worse than early (as most people say) or not? Must listen to it more...


  http://hp-chistmas.ru/books.shtml - all Harry Potters books on different (and plenty of them!) languages
  http://www.litportal.ru/index.html?a=17&s=144&t=1457&p=7 - стивенокинговской "Как писать книги" в интернете. Мона цитировать, если что =)