April 2nd, 2005


Атчёт о праисхадящем / Progris Riport

Wanted to post yesterday, but decided it may be taken as a joke... `````

First of all - greetings! our Order of the Green Water has one more novice! Hope we will make a wonderful team ^_^

Meanwhile spring is flowering. Local otakus at last decided to create a town anime webpage! There're a lot of difficulties and vaguenesses, but the fact itself is very inspirational. Hmm... and there's an idea to commit anime-review section to my care. Drimarondo (my critical other self) is barking like mad from joy ^__^````` But, as always, when i'm told 'write a review till tomorrow' - all bright ideas hide somewhere X_X
And they think I should use only myself-made screenshots, not found in Internet >_> Began seeking a single shot from ROD OVA - and found myself watching through two episodes %_% But every cloud has a silver lining - I've realised some plot turns I didn't noticed earlier...
Another useful and ambitious project - update of MyPika site timed to April 1st, great holiday. I bet you thought of All Fools day... well, it may also count, but I'm regarding to MyPika's special holiday ^_~
And speaking of holidays - yesterday Sin City movie was released!! Yay! The most expected movie in spring season for me! Can't wait it found near me!!
And some notes... Met a girl in ICQ - she was interested in my musical preferences noted in my profile. A hour of conversation ended with she sending me a rare Night Snaipers song... and me sending her all books of Max Frey *^___^*

Spring is in the air! Yay!