December 9th, 2004



  Спасибо darth_blade, который сказал спасибо kriatyrr...
My angst tastes like...
black licorice
Black Licorice
Find your angst's flavor

Unique and difficult to place, your angst finds its source in something you keep hidden. You have something serious and possibly traumatic, but you try to hide it from everyone and just tell them to ignore you when you seem troubled, that everything's really OK. You might think that you have good reasons for not telling people, and some of them may in fact be true, but most likely a lifetime of keeping your secrets has led to a resolution fortified by rationalization that nobody else can shake simply because you never give them a chance. Ask yourself if it would really be that horrible to open up to others; nobody says you have to do it all at once, even. But you should at least try getting out of your shell a little. It's not healthy to internalize everything and conceal it. Anyway, if people really care for you, and they probably do, then they'll be loving and supportive regardless of any reason to the contrary.

Хе... мне особенно понравился вопрос: "On a scale of 1 to 8 with 1 being almost no angst and 8 being more angst than a room full of CLAMP bishounen, where's your angst?" После просмотра Х-мувика я могу хотя бы частично оценить эту шуточку =))
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